Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Alpha Anveshan 2018 | TechFest 2018 | Media Coverage

Alpha College of Engineering and Technology organized a technical event 'Alpha Anveshan 2018' for all degree and diploma engineering students on 23 & 24 March, 2018. The event had boosted the students' competence in innovative thinking and put-forth their ideologies aligning with real world situations. In addition, this platform assist the students in their career with the right set of techno-managerial skills and nourish their knowledge in every possible manner. This event enrich their horizons of thinking "Out of the box" way.

Drug Awareness - Healthy Campus

Healthy Campus is an initiative of the education institutions of the state of Gujarat in India. The initiative aims to be led by the students who undertake activities to promote healthy living on campus. Healthy Campus an initiative for drug awareness was organized by committee of GIT College. Alphacet students took participation in video making competition Saurabh Parmar from 6th Sem Civil Engg. and Ayushi Chokshi from 2nd Sem Information Technology created this video. Students received an memento from Healthy Campus, Gujarat

Friction Stir Welding (Part 1 to 4)

Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid-state joining process that uses a non-consumable tool to join two facing work pieces without melting the work piece material. The objective of this work was to demonstrate the feasibility of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) for joining Backelite and commercial Aluminum material. Faculties and Lab Assistants of Mechanical Engineering Department attempted 4 trials of FSW on 2 pieces of 30*60 mm and 2 mm thickness of Backelite using tool material of M.S. (Speed-150 RPM) on Drilling Machine at Workshop, AlphaCET. They also performed 2 trials of FSW on 2 pieces of 30*60 mm and 3 mm thickness of Commercial Aluminum Material using tool material of M.S. hardened by Oil Quenching (Speed-150 RPM) on Drilling Machine. They got success in making butt joint of two pieces of material. These contributions to experimental research that have increased our understanding of FSW and led to the improved teaching and learning of FSW.